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 ~Myofascial Release and Pregnancy~ 

 is an incredible journey - the act of bringing a new life into the world is both a fulfilling and life-altering event. Unfortunately this wonderful experience is often overshadowed by common symptoms. From morning sickness to mood swings to sudden lower back pain and urinary urgency, frequency, or even incontinence. Most of these symptoms are very common and are considered to be normal. The majority of them can and could be treated, and be easily eliminated, through the use of 
Myofascial Release. Therefore giving a new mom the opportunity to enjoy her pregnancy and treasure the beginning of her relationship with her child.

Pregnancy involves changes in a woman's body. Organs never used (or not used since the last pregnancy) begin to require  space, nutrition and energy. As a fetus develops, the abdomen  becomes tightly packed with the baby and all of the mother's  life-critical organs. The change in the centre of gravity caused  by pregnancy adds additional stress, which causes the body to tighten in a protective pattern. This often leads to additional  pressure on all pain sensitive structures throughout the body. Myofascial Release can help make space in the abdomen - allowing the organs to work more efficiently and creating an environment in which both the baby and new mother are less stressed.

Myofascial Release can also assist in simply making the mother feel more comfortable - especially in those last three months of pregnancy. The gentle and effective therapy helps create a calm, relaxed space for the other to feel better and provides a better environment for the growing person. Most of our pregnant patients have claimed to feel "much less pregnant" after each session.

For the new mother, Myofascial Release can help the body heal from strain and stress of pregnancy and delivery. This therapy can also assist back pain, healing from traditional birth or c-section, and simply the return to feeling well again.